Profit sharing programme to our introducer

We are introducing a new programme. Just bring a new investor to our “investment programme” & get paid of 5% from the profit earned by the investor.

So as long the investor making profit, yr income is there!!!…(Pls refer to our joint venture investment scheme with proven track records at  Min investment is RM3700 & pls bear in mind that we didnt accept any cash!!.



4th  Oct 2010

As at 08.27am 

1.  USD/CAD -Uptrend  Advised-Buy Only

2.  EUR/USD – Downtrend-Advised-Sell Only

3. EUR/CHF-Downtrend-Advised Sell only

4.  GBP/JPY-Uptrend-Advised  buy only

5.  EUR/JPY-Uptrend-Advised  buy only

6.  USD/CHF-Uptrend-advised  buy only


How its works :-

1.  Open an account with Instaforex with affiliate code of WDX. This account is opened under investor name.

2.  Deposit amt of USD1K (Min amt).

3.  E-mail/sms/ym to me the account no & trading password only

4.  Your account will be traded.

5.  Investor will received an e-mail from broker base on daily basis.  So u can check your account performance daily.

6.  If u’r not satisfied with the performance…u may withdraw your fund at any time.

Profit sharing-70:30  70% to investor & 30% to traders (me) . Profit (if any) must be paid to trader base on weekly basis.

This is a Joint Venture Investment Performance-Update on weekly basis.

So far we managed achieved more than 30% per month!!


All accounts are exceeding monthly target of 30%!!! 

Joint Venture Investment-Performance as at 31st Aug 2010 

17th Dec 2010

My new scalping technique-12% return in 4 dys-check out the “live trading statement”

Latest our new client performances :-

Assalamu Alaikum.

Mohon jasa baik tuan/puan untuk menghulurkan derma/sumbangan/zakat bagi perkara di atas.

Sumbangan boleh disampaikan terus kepada :-

1. No akaun Maybank-164100-272951 di atas nama Madsrasah.

(Antara perkara yg paling menguntungkan ialah derma semasa kita hidup-Insya Allah)

Jazakallah hu Khairan.


Untuk keterangan lanjut sila sila hubungi 006683-3992983 atau 0146096894 Ustz Abd. Rahman.

Online Class.

This online class is open to everyone. 

The fees is only RM100/hour (USD30) & its free for life for a trader who are open an Instaforex account with min deposit of USD1K by using affiliate code of WDX. 

What u should do :-

1.  Go to download the software (its free)

2.  u must have a speaker/headset;

3.  Choose yr own time and confirm mith me via e-mail/phone/ym

4.  Made a pymt via Web Money/Wire Transfer/ deposit machine.

5.  U can pick your own topic or follow our own trading system.

Indicators will be provided-including trendlines & Fibonacci Wave

Min notice is 48hrs from the time & date of online class.


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