Joint Venture Investment

Posted on: July 4, 2010

Joint Venture Investment-

Min Investment USD1K/RM3.700 per portion.

Expected return

20%-30% per month or 240%-360%-yearly (better than saving/fixed deposit/ASB/Unit Trust) 

Here is our track record-currently we’re running more than 40 portfolio & we limit it to 100 only.

why should u wait-all is under your control!!!


What should u do:-

1.  Open an account under your name with Instaforex with affiliate code WDX with min deposit of USD1k

2.  Provide us with the login Password only (do not provide phone password)

3.  We will run the account with the accuracy of 95%

4.  You will control 100% of  your account

5. 30% of the profit will be charge as our service charge and “we put trust” on you to bank in into our account and details you can find out at “contact us segment”

Proof of our current client-Live account statement

Take a look the performance!!

Pls bear in mind that this is a high risk investment. Past records didnt promised a better results.

For inquiries pls do not hesitate to contact us at 0060162081871 or e-mail us at


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