Live Trading Signal-Target 100 pips/day

25th Jan 2010 (Monday)

09.07am  sell usd/cad at m/o  target 0.9900  we will notify when to close




 We’re no longer providing “live trading” signal but we’re providing the “market direction/mrkt prediction”

Check out at “Market Direction” segment for details.


Introducing online class-pls refer to Online class segment!!

Thursday 15th July 2010 
06.43am  eur/aud  buy at m/o  sl-1.4410  tp-1.4522  hit tp closed 72pips 
05.35pm  eur/gbp  buy at m/o  sl-0.8319  tp-0.8399-closed 38 pips 
 16th  july 2010 
09.13am  gbp/jpy  sell at m/o  sl-135.33  tp-133.33-closed 39 pips 
09.15am  eur/aud  buy at m/o  sl-1.4617  tp-1.4715-closed 28 pips 
10.38am  eur/usd  sell at m/o  sl-1.2959  tp-1.2861-closed 15pips 
10.41am  eur/gbp  buy at m/o  sl-0.8333  tp-0.8397 -closed 28 pips
12.26pm  gbp/usd  sell at m/o  sl-1.5466  tp-1.5286-sorry 
 03.50pm  eur/jpy  buy at m/o  sl-112.41  tp-113.23-closed 38 pips 
06.13pm  gbp/jpy  sell at m/o  sl-134.46  tp-133.50-closed 60 pips 
09.11pm  eur/jpy  sell at m/o  sl-112.83  tp-111.54-closed 74 pips

 09.19pm  usd/chf  buy at m/o  sl-1.0388  tp-1.0480-closed 84 pips

316 pips only!!


19th July 2010 -Monday

05.34am  eur/gbp  sell at m/o  sl-0.8484  tp1-0.8433  tp2-0.8416  tp3-0.8388

12.10pm  eur/aud  sell at m/o  sl-1.4914  tp-1.4820


 21st July 2010


We will provide live trading signals for education purpose not to rely on.  If u need an online assistant such as current mrkt direction do not hesitate to YM us at

22nd july 2010

Mrkt Direction as at 10.24am




Usd/Cad as at 02.20pm

gbp/chf as at 02.26pm

Gbp/chf-still sleeping


23rd july 2010 (friday)

The mrkt direction will take a longer time period

eur/usd-as at 12.56pm

u see the result-eu at 0.4.42pm!!

eur/usd at the closing friday market!! 

gbp/usd-as at 01.01pm

gu as at 04.39pm


gbp/usd at the closing friday market

gbp/jpy at at 01.02pm

GJ as at 0.4.40pm!!


gbp/jpy at the closing friday market!!

We are guiding u to earn hundreds pips/day!!!!

Why wait for prediction…whereby u can learn it fast in 2 hr online class..!!



21st oct 2010

08.30am  USD/CHF  buy at m/o  sl-0.9565  tp1-0.9680  tp2-0.9748

08.32am  EUR/JPY  sellstop at 112.70  tp1-112.14

0.842am  EUR/USD  sellstop at 1.3904  sl-1.3996  tp1-1.3829  tp2-1.3729


22nd oct 2010

12.02pm  gbp/jpy  buy at m/o  sl-127.30  tp1-127.30

12.03pm  eur/jpy  buy at m/o  sl-112.57  tp1-113.10  tp2-113.50  tp3-113.70


05th nov 2010

11.54am  gbp/usd  sell at m/o  sl-1.6305  tp1-1.6223  tp2-1.6176  tp3-1.6100

11.55am  nzd/usd  sell at m/o  sl-0.7980  tp1-0.7915  tp2-0.7879  tp3-0.7820

11.56am  gbp/jpy  sell at m/o  sl-131.84  tp1-131.01  tp2-130.57  tp3-129.87



30 Responses to "Live Trading Signal-Target 100 pips/day"

Dear Admin

Hey, I just wanna know if your system is compleated yet? I like to recieve your signals by sms, thats possible?


Thx. Soon…coz we’re had to finalised the cost of sending sms to europe…

thx for reply. Tell me when your signals are available. Im very interested in.

Hi Felix

Im in final stage of setting my website and find out the the best sms provider to europe….hopefully by next week this signals will “kick off”. For the time being i’m using manual system of sending signals by normal phn. If u interested to join now pls make a pymt by wire transfer of USD120. Details of beneficiary is under “Hubungi Kami” segment & if u bring 1 new member we will giving u a discount of USD5 and will deduct from your next month subscription fees.

Just take it as a “gateway” to a better future…..coz the profit from subsribing my signals…u can use either as a capital for increased your trading or attending a class.

See u at the top



masyuk ni bro…keep it up..

hari na da hayun 75 pip hehehe…thanks bro

Pendaftaran kelas 100pips/hari kini dibuka-sila rujuk kpd kursus forex terkini
“let me share with u how to turn USD100 to USD15,428 in 12 months

Please tell me how i turn USD 100 to USD 15,428 in 12 month
Best Regards


Its all about of trading capability & money mgt. Ex. USD100….we trade 0.01 for the 1st week with target of 100pips/day..2nd week trade 0.02 with target is still the same of 100pips/day…simple calculation is we increased our vol of trading by 10% of equity but maintain our daily target of 100pips/day….So the problem is …how to maintain of getting 100pips/day?…answer is improved yr trading skill/attending any class/reading/subscripted my signals…For traders staying in Msia i encouraged them to attend to my class coz this free signals is on temporary basis (no free lunch forever)…. andl i will revealed in my next class on 28th June 10….just made yr decision….good luck!!


Hi webmaster,
thx for reply. I’m very interested on your signals, Can you tell me where i can buy them? can i pay with credit card?
Thank you for answer soon

salam en .razak,

nak tanya sikit on euraud signal hari ni , kenapa tiba2 sell ? masa tu baru 9.20 ( news on aud belum keluar lg ) and entry sblum tu was buy the pair.

Asslm..saya trade tgk 3 perkara utama…Daily trend, 4 hr trend & 1 hr serta saya menggunakan support Ressistance dan dibahagikan kpd 3 s&r iaitu Daily, 4hr dan 1 hr. So Daily trend eur/aud hari ini adalah d/trend…dan awalnya saya masuk buy sbb 1hr trend strong naik dan disitu saya dapat 106 pips dan apabila 1hr trend selari semula ke bawah dgn 4hr & daily….saya masuk sell dan target saya masih di 1hr support….disitu saya dapat lagi lebih kurang 100 pips lagi…Inilah kelebihan teknik ini yg akan ikut pergerakan matawang..Wslm

salam en razak,
i nak join your signal service:-

1. wht is your recomended account size for your trades? eg 2000us ,1000us to make a sizeable amount of money in the market.also what is the recomended risk ? many currency do u trade in a day to acheive this 100pips?3.are u gonna provide all the s/l and t/p for each currency pair we trade?
4.have u ever missed your target of 100 pips in a day?
5.will u be providing us wit money mgmt info aswelll?eg like a traget…
thanks .

Thx for the e-mail. My prediction is only 75%-80% accurate. 100pips/day is not a issue coz i trade multipair-16pair. We advised u to trade only 5% from yr capital with a stop loss. My signal is included sl & tp…but we advised our subscribers to use an indicator to follow the mrkt trend. . The beauty of this indi is its will follow the mrkt trend dan will notify when to close yr position.

So how to make a USD54k with starting capital of USD300 in 12 months?. The system is very simple. Set yr target 100pips/day. Work only from 7.00am to 11am only. Based on my exp during this hrs u can easily managed to achieved yr target. For the 1st week only 0.10 (instaforex)….2nd week 0.15….3rd week 0.20 and so on. Dont forget to take out/withdraw 10-15% from the equity as yr monthly salary. By doing this u will have 2 source of income….1st monthly salary (will increased every month-subject to the way u traded and 2nd by the end of 12 months u will have a saving of USD54k…Insyaallah… so why work for other people and waiting for annual increament instead of u can work for yrself just for 3/4 hrs per day with monthly income and year end bonus plus an increament of yr salary…..monthly…


Hi webmaster,

you writte that you trade in the time 7.00 am to 11.oo am only, what time zone ? here in germany i have GMT + 1 hour, is this the right time 7 to 11 am?
is starting capital of 1000 usd ok?
Greetings ingo

Hi Ingo…

Its a GMT +7. But in yr case…better to trade within europe trading zone….when London/Germany & Swiss open. Capital USD1000….more than ok….


Hi Webmaster,
can i buy your signals for my timezone (Gmt +7) when europe ( Germany, swiss, london open) ? Next question: can i pay with paypal? and how much must i pay for one month?
Rgds Ingo

Hi Webmaster,
can i buy your signals for my timezone (Gmt +7) when europe ( Germany, swiss, london open) ? Next question: can i pay with paypal? and how much must i pay for one month?
Rgds Ingo

Hi Ingo..thx for the e-mail. Unfortunately i’m no longer providing the signals. This is due to my commitment to my family coz if i provide a signals…i need to stay almost 18 hrs/day infront of pc. But we/re now providing another service-Joint venture investment. This scheme all 90% control by u. What u should do is:-

1. Open an account with Instaforex ( under yr name with using affiliate code
2. Deposit USD1K (1 portion);
3. Provide us only the trading password (do not provide the phone p/w)

We will run yr account in our system and the estimated returned is 10%-12% /month or 120%-130%p.a (refer to joint venture investment segment)

Accuracy of the system is 95% and this is the best solution that we offered so far…


Hi Webmaster Ezuardi bin Rashid,
thats very bad that i cannot have your signals. only two signals how run like the first from today from you then i’am happy. Can you do it for me? only 2 signals??
Greetings Ingo

The first signal i have trade in demo and earn 50 pips, thats wonderfull, better i trade it in my live account 😉

Hi Ingo.
Alternatively attend our online class. For a long time investment its much better to gain a skill of trading rather than solely rely on the signals.

Hi Webmaster, Ingo here,
I have read about your online class:
“We are guiding u to earn hundreds pips/day!!!!
Why wait for prediction…whereby u can learn it fast in 2 hr online class..!!”
Is it right, when I open a real Account by Instaforex with 1000USD than the online class is free for life??
When it is, i will learn with you together. Next question is the time. You know my timezone is GMT +1 and you is GMT +7 is this a problem? or are the online class is round the clock??

I must learn near my regular Job, is this a problem?

Regards Ingo

Thx for yr -email. To entitled for the free class…u need to follow this few steps :-

1. Open an account in Instaforex with using an affiliate code of WDX;

2. Go to & download the software;

3. Add me in your ym list.

4. U need to booking me via e-mail or ym to confirm the dated & time (there is no big issue in timezone…we can arrange a time that will
suitable for us)

Alternatively i can trade for u. No need to give me any money/cash. Just open an account with Instaforex & provide me the trading password only. But from the profit u need to pay me 30% from the profit (i put trust on my client to make a pymt on weekly basis)

U also can be my introducer in yr country to promote my “joint venture investment”….refer to joint venture segment in my blog.


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